I've heard about it before, interesting stuff. And now I've red few articles about it and am interested in it even more. But I'm not sure there is a need for it in our current projects. From what I've understood, there are two main advantages of MongoDB over MySQL. First one is that it's object oriented. You don't need to create a tables with rows, you create collections and you add objects to them and these objects doesn't have to share exactly the same properties. Objects with different properties could be stacked together instead of creating separate table for every type or creating a really large table with enough fields to hold every type's properties. This is useful for stores, where different types of products have different properties and need to be all in one collection and still be searchable. And the second advantage I see is the scalability. MongoDB allows to break the one database to few parts that will be stored on different machines. I can imagine that it's a good thing for really big databases like WikiPedia.

I'd love to work with this database, it seems flexible and fast, but I'm not sure if we need it for our current projects.

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I'm not sure how to do that. And if it's needed by somebody but us.

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I'm already using it a lot in pgrabber :) This is very unique and efficient class (thou it uses a relatively large amount of ram for big pages). Also I've modified it a bit for pgrabber to be able to track the positions of elements in text.

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