Measuring Efficacy

Monitoring will be replaced with predictive analytics to drive tangible revenue goals. It will be exciting to see how social media strategies morph and how a social media marketer can predict a transaction that will take place in the future, rather than inferring from real-time mentions.

The Potentially Huge Market In ‘Future-Tense Analytics'

The Holy Grail for marketers always has been, and always will be, cause-and-effect. The next wave in social analytics will be all about what we can actually do with our haystacks of mentions. And there are three areas of focus that any entrepreneur or technologist or investor should take to heart:

  • Influence: Players like Klout and PeerIndex provide sophisticated scores of influence. What is the FICO score of the social web? Sorting and prioritizing mentions by influence gives me, in return, more influence (over behavior, over conversation). Influence is fluid, but it is one of the best ways to understand how to react and respond when volume is overwhelming.

  • Sentiment: Sentiment grades tone and attitude regardless of influence. An especially good or bad sentiment can be impactful regardless of who is behind it. If anything, treating everyone with respect and responsiveness is how you build great brands. I can tell you from experience that sentiment is really hard to do right. A lot of people love to throw this term around. But there is opportunity here because there is a huge delta between the good and the great players in sentiment.

  • Intent: This is perhaps the most sophisticated of the three, because it combines technical competences involved in both influence and sentiment. Intent is about understanding how close someone is to a decision, based on content. It’s also a future-looking vector – it’s about understanding what is going to happen, instead of what just happened.


This is a Time for Leaders to Lead not React, by Brian Solis

Excellent, excellent videos about how to calculate the ROI of Social CRM. Amazon, I'm still waiting for my copy of Engage!


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