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Curation is becoming the big marketing trend for 2011. Brands, companies, influencers, evangelists, bloggers, everyone seems to be interested in the matter of curation. Keeping track of the latest articles can be difficult, so if you want to catch up on curation, keep up with this page.

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Guest Curation Makes Blogging Easier

Cool ideas i want to test out...

  • A top 10 list
  • 5 photos from Flickr that make you go Hmmm
  • The best YouTube videos on “x” topic
  • The 20 best Tweets on “x” in the last 20 hours
  • Top news on “x” from Google News

Via [CurationSoft]


Curation tips for bloggers

how to curate the news in your niche to create informative, even exciting blog posts.


A 4 Step Beginners Guide to Content Curation

  1. Content Repository: Google reader is one, but there is a lot of desktop apps you can use.
  2. Populating Google Reader: from RSS feeds (blogs/Twitter/social networks, etc...)
  3. Finding Content: leverage Google alerts at first. Find relevant keywords and set up alerts.
  4. Sharing Content: pick the best of the best, the most relevant.



Shel Holtz on content curation

Shel describes how the media landscape is changing and how curation can help today's businesses demonstrate expertise, gain visibility and build thought leadership, whilst also minimizing the risk in social media engagement.


Is Content Curation Just Reinventing the Wheel?

  • Save time as opposed to blogging (creating most content yourself)
  • Gain recognition as an industry or niche leader
  • Occasionally post your own, self-created content, blended within all the rest
  • Become more discoverable by target customers, prospects and influencers
  • Keep prospects engaged with fresh, daily content
  • Potentially monetize your site, via private memberships, sponsorships, and/or great opportunities

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