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A six step content marketing model

The traditional advertising model is under pressure. Advertising is evolving towards content marketing: instead of a big bang, campaign-only, approach, companies should evolve to an always-on model in


Creating Email Call To Action


I love apps, but the heart of sharing in mobile is mobile web. It flows everywhere.

If your platform is a sharing platform, you need to build and optimize the experience so a desktop user can share to an android user, who in turn passes the content to a tablet user.

Jon Steinberg (President BuzzFeed)

Well said.


Future of Publishing: Quality, Unique, Engaging Content

This is a great video, and here are the interesting points i got out of it:
  • After the Panda update, the guys who really came out on top... were the ones who were focusing on creating quality engaging content. Focus on rewarding quality and engaging content.
  • Authorship: linking all your profiles together - tagging content by who wrote it so Google knows where you publish 
  • Universal search: nowadays, a killer piece of content is about bringing all elements together, no more longform, bring videos, pictures, links together - differentiate yourself by becoming unique
  • Freshness, unique content, focus on different format of content and channels.
  • Enable marketers to reach their audience. Who are the brand influencers (blogs/publishers)? Define who you should be engaging.
  • Education process, teach publishers how to write content (HubPages). Help them choose what they write about, then monetize, become influencers in small circles. Help build substancial income.

2012 State of inbound marketing

  • The average cost-per-lead for businesses using primarily outbound marketing tactics is $346. For businesses using primarily inbound marketing tactics, it’s just $135. That’s a 61% percent decrease.
  • Nearly 90% of businesses plan to increase or maintain their inbound marketing budgets in 2012.
  • Companies are budgeting more than twice as much for company blogs and social media than they did in 2009.
  • Small businesses plan to spend 43% of their budget on inbound marketing in 2012 and 14% on outbound, while large businesses plan to spend 21% on inbound and 33% on outbound.
  • 70% of marketers report they blog at least once a week and 25% describe their blog as “critical” to their business.
  • Of those that blog, 57% have acquired a customer directly because of their blog.
  • Of those that blog multiple times per day, 92% have acquired a customer because of their blog.
  • 77% of business-to-customer companies have acquired a customer from Facebook, while 65% of business-to-business companies have acquired a customer from LinkedIn.
  • 40% of marketers said their use of Google+ is useful or critical to their business.
  • 62% of marketers report social media has become more important for them as a source of leads.

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