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The Complete List for Link Building Strategies

Really good list to bookmark for later use.


Tell Congress: Please don't censor the web!

Google's homepage in protest to SOPA.


Search, plus Your World - Inside Search

  1. Personal Results, which enable you to find information just for you, such as Google+ photos and posts—both your own and those shared specifically with you, that only you will be able to see on your results page; 
  2. Profiles in Search, both in autocomplete and results, which enable you to immediately find people you’re close to or might be interested in following; and, 
  3. People and Pages, which help you find people profiles and Google+ pages related to a specific topic or area of interest, and enable you to follow them with just a few clicks. Because behind most every query is a community. 

We named our company after the mathematical number googol as an aspiration toward indexing the countless answers on webpages, but that’s only part of the picture. The other part is people, and that’s what Search plus Your World is all about.


Using Webmaster Tools like an SEO

Learn how to use Webmaster Tools as if you were the SEO for We'll show you how to utilize Search queries, reduce duplicate content, and ...


Video: What Is Search Engine Optimization

Don't know what search engine optimization is? Know someone who needs easy to understand overview of SEO? That's what this video provides, in three minutes. ...


Even crappy Facebook pages rank in SERPs

I came across this while doing searches related to Costumzee.

This is not the first time i see a Facebook Page ranking pretty well (upper page 2) so it did not catch my eyes at first, but my curiosity took over and i clicked the link.

Here is the landing page:

With a nice link to a allkeywordsinthedomain.XXX

Clearly on page optimization and most importantly, content, doesn't mean a thing to Google anymore.

"Hey, a Facebook page matching the search, that must be REALLY good. Let's rank it up!"

Nice work Google. Good job to you, the groupcostumeideas's guy :)


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