Curation tools

By becoming a buzzword of 2011, curation has generated the creation of numerous tools to help users curate their interests.

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Fulcrum Management Solutions Ltd.'s ThoughtStream is the only collaboration application that allows you to engage groups of people with the simplicity of email, the workflow of survey tools and the confidence, flexibility and documentation of a professionally facilitated process.

Interesting concept. Here is the guide to learn more about it:


Breaking News on YouTube and the Emerging Role of the Citizen Editor/Curator - Beet.TV -

SAN BRUNO, CA -- While YouTube is playing a unique role in providing raw video of the unrest in the Middle East to the Web, and to many of the the world's news ...

Very interesting about citizen journalism and curation on Youtube. Aggregation, context and value added by some Youtube users covring news events...


Daily content curation routine

Nichelle Macphearson discusses the importance of setting up a content curation workflow for The Challenge.


Breaking News is a source on Storify

You can now use BreakingNews as a source for news tips, and find vetted elements for stories.


pearltrees at 100k users, 10M pageviews a mth

Bravo, @pearltrees dépasse 100.000 éditeurs et 10 millions de pages vues par mois !Apr 07 via Echofon

Pretty substantial. Congrats to them.


Perfect tool to improve company workflow and communication.



Opzi builds Blackcomb, a cloud platform for desktop-fast business collaboration applications.


This is a distribution tool, not curation at all.

Distribute blog content to twitter and facebook

This is something we built in @shareist, but this is a pretty slick service with a nice interface and social stats we can learn from (providing social sharing/distribution stats is interesting)


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