Why Techmeme links to them instead of you!

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To appear on Techmeme, do this:

  • Break a major story.
  • Report/summarize/write up a big, developing story. Be early, or better: first (mindful that this doesn't trump other considerations).
  • Got a press release or non-exclusive briefing? Write the very best take. Highlight what's important, what's fascinating. Be lucid and critical.
  • Make sure your headline is clear and contains all major details (proper names, dollar amounts, dates, etc.) If you're posting on Google+, make sure the first line of your post functions as a headline.
  • Link generously to stories on other sites to establish context and cite sources. Sometimes including a Techmeme permalink is the best way to do this. (Self-serving but true!)
  • Articulate something lots of people are thinking, but not putting into words.
  • Write the kind of story an Apple or Google exec would share with their fellow execs.
  • Write the kind of story people will talk about at an industry cocktail party.
  • Write the killer analysis piece that tech pundits can't help but to link to. Yes, be a "thought leader". If your post is linked enough, the automation behind Techmeme will notice and attempt to surface it.
  • Tip Techmeme on Twitter. (Include "Tip @Techmeme" when you tweet your link.)
  • Summarize a major story that's behind a paywall. Techmeme rarely features paywalled stories, but may link to you. Link prominently to the source story, of course.
  • Say what you're going to say early in your post. The reader wants to know soon whether there's a payoff to reading, not 8 paragraphs in.
  • Include relevant images, videos, or figures in your post.
  • Time some analytical pieces for weekends and other slow times when they're easier for Techmeme to discover.
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