New norm for safe Web use: the importance of curation

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Sharing appropriate information and differentiating communication between businesses and consumers among new rules of engagement companies and Internet users should adhere to, say market watchers.

The Google spokesperson went on to add that "curation" is another online norm that needs to be inculcated among today's users.

Elaborating, she said curation is the offline equivalent of "biting [one's] tongue when there is an urge to say something stupid", and saving such comments for the right audience.

"In real life, your friends don't actually know what you're thinking until you decide to say it [but] we also don't like friends who have diarrhea of the mouth, and I doubt things are different in the online social world," the spokesperson pointed out.

With this in mind, she advised companies not to blast their marketing message to every customer. Rather, they should customize each message according to the customer's interests to avoid oversharing content that the recipient might be loath to receive.

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