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Google finally released Currents, it's (delayed) reader app that it decided to make after it failed to acquire Flipboard.

Currents is all about curated the best content on the web and bringing it to you in a stylish, easy to read format.

The result with Currents is a cleaner product that always guarantees you're keeping up with the latest news you're interested in.

It's pretty obvious they borrowed a lot from Flipboard, but the app is still gorgeous.

The other major component to Currents is the Trending section. Here you can choose topics you want to read about and Currents pulls in the top five stories in each category.

Currents also does a great job at adapting to the size of your screen.

Conclusion: Currents is all about curated content and finding you the best stuff on the web to read. Flipboard is mostly about pulling in links and articles your friends are sharing on various social networks or from your RSS.

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