Facebook's Mistake: Turning Sharing Into a Disaster

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Great Article from Molly Wood from Cnet.

Points i take out from this article:

  • I'm afraid to click any links on Facebook these days...

  • it's because the slow spread of Facebook's Open Graph scheme is totally ruining sharing.

  • Facebook is putting up a barrier to entry on items your friends want you to see--that is, they're creating friction.

  • And hurting sharing is a disaster for a social network. Sharing is the key to social networking.

  • Sharing and recommendation shouldn't be passive. It should be conscious, thoughtful, and amusing...

  • And if it doesn't... there's always Google Plus.

I hate the new Facebook, meaning since the last big upgrade they did. I enjoyed going on Facebook before, I feel like it's a waste of my time now. Will Facebook turn things back to where they were? I say we can surely expect some kind of roll back soon, yes.

When it comes to Google Plus, i think Google has a good chance at capturing users from Facebook's mistakes, but I don't think it will every be able to dethrone Facebook as "the" social network.

Source [CNET]

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